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The EartHeart Journey is a sharing of my experiences from earth, heart, and art. My reflections have evolved on so many levels since I started journal writing when I was 11. What used to be a blog for my art projects and some public musings is now becoming a portal for sharing about consciousness, creativity, sustainability… of light, life, and love. Everything here is part of a sacred journey to oneness within and everywhere. However you resonate, may it reveal to you you inspiration, intuition, or insight for your own life journey.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rebirthing with the Mandala

I started conceiving this mandala journey since 2008 and started mapping the beautiful sacred circles all over the world 2 years ago. 

I am writing this at the Mactan airport in Cebu, my birthplace, while waiting for my flight. I have just taken a ship called “Princess of the Earth” from Cagayan de Oro last night and woke up in prayer with the ocean at 4 am for guidance on this next part of my journey. 

I am en route to Puerto Princesa to commune with a beautiful conscious community of seekers, artists, gardeners, life and light workers. 

The community is guided by self-inquiry and self governance by “knowing, being, and doing” based on the principles of the Maia Mandala. This inspiring mandala was cultivated by Pi Villaraza, a fellow Filipino whose spiritual seeking led to the discovery of Inner Dance; and developed with Juanita Naidoo, a beautiful South African soul who is a guide to new beings. The development of the mandala was also co-created by members of the Maia Conscious Community.

I am taking a pause from arts relief work for survivors of Hurricane Washi/ Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro. There are so many things I can do to help through an upcoming community art project based on the mandala as a healing and integrating medium. So many ideas brewing in my mind. 

Yet after 2 months of working, I found myself burning out. How can I sustain my energies and resources while helping others? How can I be of highest service through the co-creative process of artmaking?

How can I continue bringing the mandala into awareness and embodiment by first deepening my knowing and becoming the mandala myself? 

One of my spirit teachers taught me this important lesson about being an artist which I am still learning:There are two kinds of artists: 

One who paints the flower andOne who becomes the flower.

Giving birth to this mandala journey begins with my own rebirthing journey by  becoming that flower in every moment in awareness. 

I am now at this moment, 29 years old on Earth in this lifetime. Each moment is an opportunity to find my bliss by staying at the center of the wheel - wherever and however it may turn. This is my first lesson of the mandala.

Ok, logging off and wait for my boarding announcement :-) 

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